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We at Fision believe that the clothing and fashion industry will undergo enormous structural change in the coming years. New concepts will be introduced to operate more sustainable within fashion industry while increasing speed to market. Moreover, shopping experiences is changing, especially in ecommerce. At Fision we are building and operating Software-as-a-Service solutions that are addressing these challenges of the apparel industry.

We enable our corporate clients to reduce return rates, digitize supply chains and deliver a completely new, interactive and personalized 3D shopping experience to their customers. We work with leading brands and retailers as well as with leading companies in the area of employee outfitting and textile leasing. With our meepl body profile at its core, our product portfolio enables Size Recommendation, Virtual Dressing Rooms, and Made-to-Measure.

Our ecosystem with

meepl at its core

Meepl lays at the core of all our services. As a platform it allows our corporate clients to acquire and link their customer’s body data to several body-related applications. Through accurate Size Recommendation and fit assistance, we empower our clients to decrease return rates while increasing conversion at the same time. Moreover, meepl facilitates the usage of our Virtual Dressing Rooms which foster a completely new, interactive and personalized 3D shopping experience for online shoppers. Beyond that, meepl enables the scalability of Made-to-Measure Services and thus allows retailers and brands to offer increasingly personalized products.


This unique ecosystem with meepl at its core brings us one step closer to our vision of a more sustainable and efficient supply chain within the fashion industry that enables greater personalization for everyone.

Clients & Partner

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“We needed a company that works with interactive life-like 3D models to provide the customer with a new experience and a new way of shopping. We found that Fision combines the latest technologies in the field of visual computing, visual graphics, fabrics simulation and artificial intelligence, serving the needs we were looking for.”

Lukas Gant, Head of Digital AlphaTauri

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Gertsch Consulting

“We decided to integrate Fision’s body scanning solution into our PoD- Pattern on Demand® platform, because it yielded the most accurate measurements of all the mobile body scanning applications we tested.”

Stefan Gertsch, CEO and founder of Gertsch Consulting & Mode Vision