Fision rebrands to meepl

Fision rebrands to meepl in preparation for an exciting future!

Press release: 27th September 2019

Fision AG - the virtual 3D technology company that focuses on capturing and processing body data - today announces its rebrand to meepl, a brand that will define the business, as it moves into the next phase of its journey.

meepl will continue the company’s mission to build cutting-edge technology that will shape the apparel ecosystem of the future, creating and connecting 3D virtual bodies with online garments. The new brand name, logo, website and visual assets were designed in preparation for an extension of the technology, from a mainly B2B technology platform into an additional B2C solution.

Why ‘meepl’?

We probably know ‘meeples’ better as those small person-shaped figurines that help us navigate our way around board games. With this concept in mind, the meepl technology enables users to create and store a unique and personalised 3D digital version of their body, a meepl(e), which can then be used as a personalised character in the digital world of fashion purchasing.

The meepl technology

The new meepl brand reflects how the technology has moved beyond being just a 3D body scan solution on a mobile device. It has become a fast, easy-to-use and time-saving tool that helps online retailers to capture accurate body measurements from customers. It is also a powerful and convenient shopping companion that will transform the online shopping experience for users, leading to higher online purchase success rates and helping retailers tackle the challenge of reducing high return rates.

The technology is fast and easy to use. From a smartphone, you input height and gender, before taking two app-guided selfies to determine your body profile which includes measurements and shape. Within seconds, your meepl is ready to use to digitally visualise shape, size and fit of garments on your body.

Ferdinand Metzler, Founder and CEO said:

“The new meepl name marks the start of the next step in our journey. At the heart of what we do is a drive to help the industry and shoppers alike to tackle some of the remaining pain points that still exist in the online shopping ecosystem. meepl’s 3D technology offers an exciting solution to the challenge of determining the right size and fit before purchase is made and we believe that a smarter virtual dressing room experience will be the key to increasing customer satisfaction, profits and successful sales for all concerned.

We have a big vision where in the future everyone will shop online using their meepl. Our technology will enable everyone to engage with the online shopping world through a 3D representation of themselves, marking the start of a whole new online apparel shopping experience that will literally shape the way we shop."