How AlphaTauri sees the future of fashion

Posted on Feb 4, 2019

Austrian-based Red Bull fashion brand, AlphaTauri, have partnered with a Swiss start-up, meepl, to deliver a new shopping experience to their online customers. Offering photo-realistic 3D models of their clothing, AlphaTauri is giving customers the ability to interact and engage with their collection from the comfort of their home. AlphaTauri and Red Bull are not shy to invest in innovative technologies and try to disrupt the markets they operate in. They hope their partnership with meepl will transform the shopping experience of customers, with their 3D showrooming of clothing just the first step in changing the way we shop online.


Lukas Gant

"The fashion industry has been rapidly changing in adopting new technologies and processes, with the future winners in this industry offering the best products in the most convenient ways to customersashion industry has been rapidly changing in adopting new technologies and processes."

Lukas Gant, Head of Digital AlphaTauri

Q: Tell us more about AlphaTauri’s founding philosophy

Lukas Gant: Customers behavior is changing to value the function of a product as much as the look and are increasingly demanding products that look fashionable but can serve their needs. This is why at AlphaTauri, we want to ‘create apparel with the same dynamic innovation that inspired the creation of Red Bull’. We develop new innovative technologies, such as our Taurex fabrics, to bridge this fashion and function. We also had to invest in new ways to create, display and communicate our products. Companies such as meepl allow us to deliver this technology-forward fashion in a new and interactive way.

Q: What did you want to achieve when you were looking for technology partners for your website?

Lukas: As the core idea of AlphaTauri is to combine cutting edge technology and product features, but still be a trendy fashion brand, we needed to find a way to communicate the features and fit of the garments in a more comprehensive way. Up until now, the standard apparel online shop was uninformative to the customer, with 2D images of the clothes and bulky text describing the technologies of the product, and the value of the product was not communicated to the customer. This is when we started looking for partners to change that.

Q: What drew you to working with meepl?

Lukas: We needed a company that works with interactive life-like 3D models to provide the customer with a new experience and way of shopping. We found that meepl combines the latest technologies in the field of visual computing, visual graphics, fabrics simulation and artificial intelligence, serving the needs we were looking for. Customers can explore products by zooming into the fabrics and highlight the points of interest on the garment” to understand its textures and functions. Hence, they complement our mission to deliver dynamic innovation by developing technology which puts the customer at the center.

Q: What is next for the AlphaTauri/meepl partnership?

Lukas: We will leverage the 3D garments created by meepl’s visualization technology and combine this with personalized avatars generated with a body scanning application to realize a personalized 3D virtual dressing room for our customers.

About meepl

meepl is a Zurich-based software company founded in 2015 by a team of ETH engineering students. Their aim was to provide an easy and accurate way to offer 3D body scanning on a mobile phone to make online shopping a more seamless experience, and to provide customers with the confidence to purchase online. With leading experts in visual computing and machine learning the company has grown steadily to a team of 25 to provide technology-centric solutions for the apparel industry worldwide.

For more information on meepl please contact us at:
@meepl #meepl_fision

About AlphaTauri

AlphaTauri is creating a new way in fashion - fusing innovations, purposeful design and aspirational style. Powered by a spirit of innovation and driven by purpose, AlphaTauri was founded by Red Bull with a desire to focus on engineering unique and innovative fashion, that add value to both body and mind. Together with textile innovation leaders like Schoeller Textile AG, AlphaTauri is developing its own technologies like Taurex®.

The brand is named in honour of the AlphaTauri star - the brightest, most radiant and energy-richstar in the constellation of Taurus (the Bull). It refers to the energy that inspires the brand AlphaTauri, and the star's placement directly on the Bull's eye aligns with the brand's focus on precision and perfection.

AlphaTauri is available in its stores in Graz & Salzburg, Austria, in selected retail as well as from, which offers shipping to 35 countries. @alphatauri #fitsbodyandmind

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