Fision at EuroCIS 2019

Posted on Feb 27, 2019

From the 19 to 21 February retail technology providers from all over the world travelled to Düsseldorf to present their solutions at the 2019 EuroCIS trade fair. According to the Messe Düsseldorf, 482 exhibitors from 39 nations and more than 13,000 experts exchanged their knowledge on the latest retail trends in omnichannel, self-checkout, AI and IoT.

After the successful premier of the EuroCIS Start-Up Hub in 2018, they returned again this year to give young, innovative, companies a dedicated platform to present their developments on cutting-edge IT systems and retail solutions. In addition to their stands, the startups had the opportunity to present themselves to the international expert audience at the dedicated lecture forum “The Stage”.

Having already participating in the first Start-Up Hub in 2018, Fision presented its software solutions for second time at the retail audience. Part of this year's appearance was our keynote on "The New Era of Mass Customization".



"We are no longer wearing clothes to fit it, we are dressing to stand out." - Vanessa Waibel

Within the era of social media, expressing individuality is a trend as never seen before. We want our clothes to express the same. As technology advances, mass customization is getting more and more attention and personalized clothing is becoming lucrative. To do so, personal body measurements are the starting point.

The central topic of the keynote was the rising trend of mass customization in the apparel industry and how to leverage 3D body avatars in e-commerce to take advantage of this trend. If you want to watch the keynote held by Vanessa Waibel please follow the link to the official EuroCIS website here (coming soon).

Try our 3D mobile body scan

This year's hottest topics discussed among apparel retail experts included how to leverage artificial intelligence to solve fit issues in online shopping and how to enrich customer experience trough a seamless omnichannel strategy. In addition, a clear demand for mobile body scan solutions strengthened our vision of having a personal 3D body avatar as the underlying basis for a range of personalized online shopping applications.

As last year, Fision was again selected for the 2019 “Guided Retail Technology Innovation Tours”. The daily tour was organized jointly by Messe Düsseldorf and the renowned retail expert Joachim Pinhammer and provided English and German tours of the most innovative companies in retail. This year the audience of retail decision makers stopped by under the theme of "A better service for shoppers by means of innovative technologies such as sensors, automation and artificial intelligence". The central topic of this year's presentation, held by René Stampfl, was how to transform online shopping from 2D to 3D with the means of a 3D virtual show & dressing room.


From 2D to 3D

"We want to create a new customer experience through interactive 3D online shopping." - René Stampfl

Online shopping is still booming. However, as convenient it may be, online shopping lacks the possibility of experience clothing in 3D and assessing style and fit on a personal 3D body avatar. This is reflected in high return rates and bad user experiences. With advances in technologies like ai and visual computing this will change in the near future.

About Fision

Fision is a Zurich-based software company founded in 2015 by a team of ETH engineering students. Their aim was to provide an easy and accurate way to offer 3D body scanning on a mobile phone to make online shopping a more seamless experience, and to provide customers with the confidence to purchase online. With leading experts in visual computing and machine learning the company has grown steadily to a team of 25 to provide technology-centric solutions for the apparel industry worldwide.

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